Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy

Enabling each client to execute a lifestyle change for health which is pervasive and long term.

Psychological Fitness

Dr. Thomas Quinlan "Dr. Q" is a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist helping adults, geriatrics and children with emotional and mental issues. These include depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, behavior issues, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders working individually, couples or a group setting.

Dr Q uses both his skills as a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist to target the root causes of mental and emotional difficulties and assist people to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, self-esteem issues and a multitude of psychological challenges that people face every day. Dr Q meets each person where they are and guides you to a full, productive and happy life.


We Support and Help You with Your Healthy Lifestyles Transformation

Hypnosis Services For Positive Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Helping clients relax and focus in order to uncover and solve habits, routines, or events that may impede progress.

Hypnosis Services can Transform Your Life

With Hypnosis we help you by eliminating negative emotions, habits, obstacles, and behaviors as we work toward building your healthy lifestyle. During your sessions, we identify Issues from every angle to ensure lasting change as you develop new habits and positive coping mechanisms to meet your goals.
Our comprehensive approach enables clients to achieve lasting and effective change emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Problems Psychology Solves

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Eating Disorders
  3. IBS treatment
  4. Overcome Fears and Phobias
  5. Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  6. Treat Depression
  7. Treat Insomnia
  8. Overcome Phobias
  9. Overcome Low Self-Esteem
  10. Improve Relationship Issues
  11. Confidence Building
  12. Overcome Bad Habits
  13. Quit Drinking
  14. Quit Smoking
  15. Anger Management