Nutritional Fitness

A dietitian is trained to work with you and teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods while reaching your health goals

What to expect working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

After the initial free consultation with Dr. Q, an initial nutrition assessment is set up---Sarah will reach out to you to set this up. This is when your nutrition vision is determined.  A  registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN)  is uniquely trained to work with you and teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods while reaching your health goals.  Sarah knows it is possible to eat anything and still reach your nutrition goals. There are no foods to avoid; the goal is to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods that we agree will work for you.

Not a diet! A Lifestyle Change

  1. Know what to eat
  2. What not to eat
  3. How to grocery shop
  4. Family meal planning
  5. Learn Portion Control
  6. Establish healthy eating habits
  7. Learn how to cook
  8. Learn why it's not a diet

Learn Meal Planning and Cooking Life Skills

Meeting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

It may be like going on a first date---meeting with a dietitian. I am trained to learn everything about your lifestyle and we mutually agree on your big goal and then the smaller goals to get there. My goal is to meet you where you are with nutrition goals. I have worked in hospitals--pediatric and adult--and I want to keep you out of them.

The Follow-up Cooking Session

Most of my clients do well with a very thorough initial session to discuss long-term and short-term nutrition goals. At a traditional follow-up most nutrition experts would look at your food journal/app and critique how well you met your goals.  I prefer meeting in my office kitchen to teach you how to create your favorite meals on your terms with nutrition as the base. I have a set of menus or we agree on meals that best fit your lifestyle. At the first session we mutually determine your goals. As a follow-up I can teach you in a fun way on how to create your new-to-you nutritious meals--either in my office or your home kitchen. I am licensed in food safety, which is my priority.