What Does Independence Mean to You?

When thinking about your health, what does it mean to be independent? By definition, it means to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-supportive.

Independence for me is being able to play whatever sport I want with ease. I know I may not be great at each sport but my body is able to perform at some level. That is important to me. I also think independence for me is being agile enough to run around the yard with my dogs or walk them without them pulling me down.

There are people who can't get up and down off the floor. Some people can't reach for their coffee cup in the cabinet without pain. Can you take the stairs at work or do you have to take the elevator because your knees hurt? If you are walking with a cane or having trouble stepping off the curb without fear of falling you are losing your independence.

I am writing this today in celebration for a client who put his cane in the closet. For years, he has walked with a cane and today he put it away and took back his independence. He made a choice. He realized it didn't have to be that way, and he made a decision to change. Now he is more confident in his day to day activities.

Are you losing independence in your everyday routine? You don't have to! Assess where you are to determine if you are headed in the right direction? Decide what is important in your life and make sure you will always be able to keep up with it. I love sports and coffee. I want to keep playing sports and be able to reach my coffee cup.

Coach Misty

Celebrate the Small Stuff

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