Did you ever have a really great idea? Of course you did! You thought of some "thing" that would be so helpful for the world to have, so you started to dream, to think about how to make your idea a reality.

Many of us have thoughts like that at one time or another. We may even dream of getting a patent and developing that product. The wheels start turning, but then, just as quickly, life takes over.

We get busy, so it's back to the old grind. Soon we even forget about the smart idea we had. That idea just might be resurrected at a later date (sometimes years later), when we hear about a new invention… by someone else. Turns out, that was YOUR IDEA! Oh, shucks! That's called a missed opportunity!

Sometimes the neat ideas we have are not for an invention, but still are life-changing. When we think about selecting a career or a career change, for example, we need to proceed with deliberation. Explore various avenues to see what might interest you. Talk to a career counselor, do some reading and talk to people in various professions to learn more about what they do.

Ask a lot of questions so that you get a better idea about where you would be best suited and most useful. After all, it's not just about money. Do your homework! Having a vision is an important companion to our efforts, yes, but it can't accomplish anything by itself. Many people have insightful dreams that never come to fruition, mostly because they don't take the time to research. They just want to hurry up and decide.

Write down all your ideas, your goals, your thoughts. The more you write down, the better you can follow through as you do your research and eliminate some paths that are no longer of interest. Don't rush. Time does bring clarity.

Most professionals advise a person to WRITE DOWN their ideas, their goals and the steps needed to succeed. This list needs to be exhaustive as well as flexible, as some ideas evolve or are flushed in the investigative process.

Too often we are fearful to take those initial steps. Some are discouraged by others' negative energy, e.g., (A friend says: "You don't want to do THAT!") whereas others struggle with how to get started. There are times in life for inaction, but that phase eventually must give way to action if we are to realize our dreams.

Change can be scary; we may struggle and fail at first, but that's normal. Waiting for everything to be perfect leads nowhere. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to get out there and explore, to research. It's a PROCESS!

One of the most difficult parts about having a dream is that we think we know how it will evolve. Truth is, the reality might look quite different from how we imagined it in the first place. By developing such an idea, we must think in greater detail. There will likely be some adjustment involved.

Persistence is key. Rethink the steps you took: Be flexible. Step back to reevaluate your dreams. You will eventually find the right path for you! There are countless life stories of people who overcame "insurmountable" challenges in pursuit of their goals. These people all had moments when they wanted to quit, but by believing in their dreams, they eventually found the best path to succeed through patience, persistence, hard work and action.