Emotional eating is defined as overeating to relieve negative emotions caused by tough situations. It's considered a "maladaptive" strategy, or more simply, it's a choice that feels good for the moment, but does not lead to healing. It often becomes addictive.

While you're eating, your treat of choice tastes yummy, feels good. You relax and take a deep breath. Your issues don't control you. Or do they? You secretly hope that your troubles are gone for good. But do you really believe it?

Eating is a great pleasure and consuming food we love is extra special, but, guess what! If we don't focus on WHY we STARTED overeating, how will life improve? Sadly, without introspection, the cycle just repeats itself.

How well I remember one patient that I treated for his repetitive behavior. Whenever an upsetting work issue arose, he sought solace in vanilla ice cream. Yes, he kept containers in the break room freezer and would run to that source whenever he got upset and needed to settle himself. He quickly consumed ½ gallon at a time.

Unfortunately, he got upset more and more easily and so often that he gained 70 pounds before he sought help!

Fortunately, in his case, our exploration guided him to search deep into the past and identify the childhood source of his stress solution of choice. Next, this awareness helped us explore and cultivate a much more positive lifestyle for him.

I'd be happy to help you explore your concerns and cultivate a path to a better life for you also. Call me anytime!