Celebrate the Small Stuff

 As a society we have been programmed to work hard, don't take chances, don't make mistakes and if you do, you better feel crappy for it. This is not OK. I don't know anyone in the world who is perfect. If you look at all successful people, their failures

outweigh their successes. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle I believe you must celebrate the small

victories. Anytime we are looking to change something in our life, it will come with
anxiety and a tendency to push back. That is OK. It is human nature to feel this way.
If you have started a new journey, like a new nutrition plan or an exercise program, you
are going to want to set some goals. I find it important to have long term goals written
down so you know where you are going. This alone will allow you to be more
successful from the start.
What most people are missing, is celebration. If you are on a new journey and have
made the decision for change, that in and of itself, calls for a celebration. I don't mean
go out and throw a big event. I do mean give yourself a pat on the back because you
are on your way to reaching your goals. Making the decision is the first, and most of
the time, the hardest step.
Now that you have your goals written out you want to break them down into smaller
goals that you can achieve sooner. As a personal trainer, I ask my clients to keep a
journal. There will be good days and bad days, which is why it is important to track
your progress. On good days you celebrate your progress. On bad days you look back
in your journal and see the truth on how far you have come. Keeping a journal helps you stay in
the now and helps you to be inspired to reach your goals.
Grab your journal today and start tracking your progress, failures, and successes. Give
yourself a break when days are hard and a high five on the good days. You will find by
doing these things your journey will be smoother and more fun and before you know it
you will reach your goals.

Coach Misty
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