5 Tips to Achieve This New Year’s Resolutions

1.  Be realistic: The first mistake people make is trying to do everything at once. How many people do you know who lost 53lbs, quit smoking, started exercising and eating right at the same time? Exactly!!! Do not fall into the trap of trying to do too much too soon. You want to be successful, so pick something to focus on which you already do some or most of the time. If you are going to the gym 2-3 times a week and would like to go 4-5, make this your resolution. You will be more successful fine-tuning something you already do and expand on it to make it a healthier part of your lifestyle.

2.  Get help: Seek out professionals who are trained and join a program or a group to increase the likelihood that you stick with it. If you want to learn kiteboarding, snorkeling, quit smoking, lose weight or anything else, seek out people who can provide structure and accountability; especially when you are getting started. It is estimated to take 66 days to turn a behavior into a habit. Most New Year's Resolutions fail by the end of the month. Do not be afraid to get help. Most importantly, you are worth spending for a professional to learn a new sport, hobby or increase personal health. It is your life--invest in it!!

3.  Get others involved: If you have a family member or friend or share a resolution with others, join together. People who partner up have better success in achieving their resolutions. If you want to quit smoking and know someone else struggling, get in touch with them and support one another. Accountability and giving support go a long way in achieving our goals.

4.  Keep tabs: Get a journal and become curious as to how your resolution is going. If you are struggling with losing weight, keep a simple journal on food choices, cravings, and emotional eating habits. Understanding what, how and when we do something is the first step in taking control of our thinking and behaviors. There is nothing you cannot accomplish.

5.  Reward yourself: I meet with people who feel resolutions are mostly negative. If you are quitting smoking, wanting to lose weight or wanting to change a behavior, these are positive things. Most resolutions are positive. Embrace change and see your resolutions as an opportunity for growth. Also, it as an opportunity to reward yourself!! Have short and long term goals such as….."when I lose 12lbs, I am going to treat myself to a massage" or "my one year anniversary of becoming a non-smoker, I am going to take a trip." The more you reward good behaviors the more likely they will occur.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years!! May all of your resolutions be fulfilled and you all have an incredible 2019.

Warm regards.

Dr Thomas G Quinlan "Dr Q"

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