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Dr. Thomas Quinlan’s interest in disordered eating behaviors and their underlying psychological issues took root while he was working at the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders. It was through this experience that he began his journey, focusing on learning how psychological distress, depression, anxiety, family issues and trauma all contribute to weight gain and the long term physical effects of disordered eating behaviors.

Dr. Q's conceptualization of Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay stems from his experience and desire to help others understand and overcome the psychological issues that negatively impact efforts to attain a healthy lifestyle. A person’s understanding and approach to food is paramount in how people nurture themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

We all know that diets and rarely work in the long run! Countless people have tried dieting, sometimes losing weight, only to regain it over the short or long term. Same thing with exercise. Some try and fail again and again. Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay’s philosophy is to guide you through a change in your thinking, increasing your understanding of nutrition and appropriate exercise and their effects on your body and your mindset. You'll learn why and how to make the necessary changes.

You'll have the opportunity to develop a consistent exercise program (in a gym or at home) that works for you. At Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay, we are dedicated to providing the nurturing environment you need so you and your family can be healthier and happier.

Are you looking for a comprehensive weight loss clinic that is supportive, nurturing and professional? If so, Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay is the right choice for you. Our professional team and programs tailored to your needs can help you achieve those lifestyle goals.

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